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A cornerstone to our program is providing proper nutrition for building healthy minds and bodies. Our Chef prepares all meals (morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack) to ensure that children receive the highest standards for wholesome nutrition and an allergy-safe menu while at DIA. Special requests can be accommodated for preferred menus due to religious practices or health requirements.

Our menu regularly offers delicious items such as carrot/pineapple bread, creamy pesto pasta w/sundried tomatoes & asparagus, and BLT Dip w/ crackers. View our sample menu.

Our garden is an important extension of each classroom. It provides some of the delicious fruits and vegetables we eat at DIA! We have found that caring for a living thing, watching it grow and thrive, and reaping the harvest teaches respect, pride and commitment.


We strive to create the safest environment possible for students with food allergies. DIA has a strict NO OUTSIDE FOOD policy to ensure a controlled environment in which all food can be monitored within the building. In addition, students immediately wash their hands when they arrive at school, as many allergens can travel from home. This practice continues throughout the day during all transitions.

Students with a valid food allergy are served from an alternative menu (no additional fees apply with a doctor’s note).

An allergy packet and action plan will be required to be completed by a physician if a student has severe allergies.

Little boy spooning blueberries as a little girl watches
Little boy enjoying meal
Girl picking a pepper
Children watering the garden
Young child in garden

Our Chef

Chef Latasha has been preparing delicious and nutritious meals at DIA since 2018. Her balanced meals provide a variety of foods that encourage students to try something new every day. Helping to develop healthy kids who are full and ready to learn is one of DIA’s most important jobs. We are so thankful to have her on our staff!

Chef Latasha in the kitchen cooking